Care Tips for your Fence

Now that you have your new fence installed here are a few tips on keeping it looking new. All iron fences need maintenance!
  • Maintain at least 2 inch gap under the bottom of the fence. Fence on top of the rocks cause chipping and damage which will ultimately lead to rusting.
  • If doing new landscaping make sure that there are no dings or chips and if there are, touch them up.
  • Keep fence from direct exposure to constant watering such as sprinklers, bubblers or other landscape water.
  • Salt water pools and the water in them can be corrosive to iron fencing. Keep salt water away from fence as much as possible.

When touch up is needed

  • Rust starts with light discoloration typically on the bottom of the fence.
  • For light discoloration, wipe the area down with mineral spirts. Make sure its thoroughly clean. Then touch up with spray can of matching color. We can supply the correct color.
  • For an area that flaking and rust is already coming thru you must do the following;
  • Scape off the flaking area with a scraper or putty knife.
  • Take #120 grit sandpaper and sand the area until smooth exposing the raw metal.
  • Apply a rust inhibitor, Rust Block at Home Depot works well. Then spray with a Rust-oleum primer. Follow with the fence color. Allow each step to dry in between coats.
Iron fence Warranty can be voided if the maintenance is not performed as needed. If you have a rusting issue or need a repair it must be done in a timely manner. Don’t wait until there is a major issue of repair!
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