Pool Fence Maintenance

What causes Iron Fence to rust?

There are several reasons Iron Fencing will start to rust. When the fence gets a chip or scratch it will be prone to rust in that area. This can happen during new landscaping when rock is laid down and the fence is chipped. The main culprit is irrigation systems and salt water pools. If the fence is near grass, water is going to hit it. If you have shrubs within 4-5ft water underground will affect the posts and they can rust.

Why is there is no water around and I still have rust?

There is moisture in the ground no matter where the fence is placed. If it is in a dry desert landscape the chance of issues goes way down but it does happen.

Maintenance is the best policy

At the first sign of an issue its time to take action. The longer you wait, more damage may occur.

Maintenance should be done when discoloration or small rust spots start to occur by treating with primer and paint touch up. For more aggressive problems, sanding or wiring brushing and applying a rust inhibitor should be done to the problem areas.

Can I stop rusting?

Not 100%. Our water is very corrosive. If you look at the water line in your pool you can see the buildup of  hard minerals. The main  things you can do are;

  • Stay on top of the maintenance.
  • Keep sprinklers from consistent contact with the fence
  • If you know that water will be present, choose a galvanized system when purchasing a new fence. Not a guarantee but it’s the best protection.
  • Stay on top of the maintenance
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