HOA and Condo Fence

Today, for HOA’s and Condominiums, security takes on many forms. For Apartments or Condominiums with public pools, keeping out non-residents and supplying a safe place for your residents can be done with a secure fence and gate system.

Other needs for these properties that we supply are perimeter fencing, dog run enclosures and trash enclosures.

Commercial Wrought Iron


HOA and Condo Fencing

We fabricate and install several styles of fence that have security elements such as curved top with stamped points, 7-8-foot-tall fences with spear tops and no rail tops making climbing very difficult. Ironman Security Fencing is designed to blend in with the property as an architectural element, yet provide the security needed.

Entry Gates

Gates can be easily manipulated for access, so we offer some solutions for those as well. The hinges and closing mechanisms are the most important part of the gate as the operation of the gate needs to be sound. The constant slamming can create wear and loosen mounting points over time. We have self- closing hinges that create smooth, quiet closings action assuring that the gates closes and latches each time.

Upgrading the lock and latch controls, applying screens to the gate and side panels and making sure the gates are functional, are the best steps in managing access.

Trash Enclosures

Keeping trash contained and out of site in your Condo or Apartment complex is an ongoing battle.

We manufacture an assortment of designs in Trash enclosure doors with upgraded hinges and structure for durability. We can also repair existing doors and hinges.

Dog Runs

If your considering adding a dog run in your complex for your client’s pets, we can design and install it. It’s a great way to contain the problems that dogs leave behind and a great gathering place for Pet owners to meet.

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