Mesh Pool Fence

Mesh Pool Fencing is one of the leading Pool Fence systems on the market today. It has durability and style with many colors to choose from and a safety component that has many patents on it. It’s the only versatile and safe Pool Fence on the market today.

We are proud to be the largest Guardian Mesh Pool Fence distributor in Arizona.

Mesh Pool Fence 19


Mesh Fence

Ironman’s Premier Mesh Pool Fence is the strongest and most convenient Mesh Pool Fence system. We use only the best quality mesh allowing us to offer you a Lifetime Warranty on the mesh fence.

To ensure the highest quality, most of our products have been independently tested to meet the ASTM ( American Standards for Testing and Materials) International quality and safety standards.

The Guardian Mesh Pool Fence System for use as a safety barrier for swimming pools is a fixed 5 feet tall fencing system using a polyester UV protected mesh material. The system is fixed by securing the aluminum fence poles spaced a maximum of every 36″ and secured into the deck or ground.

We are the only company that carries the Mesh Pool Fence in 3 sizes,4ft ,4 1/2ft and 5ft and we have more color combinations than any other Mesh company.

Pet Mesh

Ironman’s Pet Mesh, also by Guardian, is designed to keep your pets safe and be durable. The mesh weave is different than normal fence with a tighter weave to keep pet’s claws from catching in it but strong enough for normal dog activities. It’s not indestructible so large dogs with aggressive behavior could damage it. Get more info at

No Holes Fence

Guardian is the only Mesh Fence product that can be installed without drilling hole in your deck. Our system is perfect for renters or homeowners that are looking for temporary solutions to a Pool Fence and don’t want holes drilled. No Hole Mesh Fence is as safe as standard mesh fence and can be installed with a self-closing gate. Get more info at

Our Poles are the strongest.

The combination we found to be the safest and strongest is a PVC reinforced Marine Grade 6063 T6 aluminum pole secured to a ½” diameter chambered stainless steel rod.

The added stainless-steel rod makes this pole virtually unbreakable at the fulcrum point and allows us to drill smaller holes in your deck: dime-size compared to half-dollar like most of our competitors. Watch this video to see how our pole strength compares to our competition:


The convenience of Mesh Pool Fencing can be a valuable feature to our every-day customers. It can be removed for parties or events or put up when needed. Most system take less than ½ hour to take down or put up but have the safety of not allowing a child to remove it. We are also the only company that has patented locking devices so the Mesh Pool Fence cannot be removed. This will pass most city codes when installed with the locks.

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